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There are many differences between an average height person and a little person. Physical health, socializing and family all play key roles in exhibiting variances between an average height person and a little person. People are viewed in many ways in this society, but it is all about how each person perceives one another. Naturally as human beings “one” tends to judge others loosely, based on multiple differences. One common misconception about both groups of people is medical issues. For example, when an average person becomes pregnant they have the choice of giving birth naturally or having a cesarean performed. On the other hand a little person may only have a cesarean, because of their body structure. This is one of many…show more content…
When a little person gets out of a car, people seem to be curious to know why there is a car, full of people of average height getting out and how a little person is driving. Society tends to think a little person can’t drive when in reality they can, it just takes a little more assistance. Having public interactions, for a short statured person, one can be the first to be recognized in a crowd. An average person also has attributes that make them recognizable in a crowd. Have you ever heard of dwarf tossing? It is being recognized in different parts of the United States as a past time. Now the LPA (Little People of America) is working to ban it altogether. Words can become loosely used in an average crowd of people, use of the word “Midget” can be shouted or called out. Often is offends a little person, since it is not the correct terminology. Name calling such as faggot is considered a derogatory comment in society, why not Midget? An everyday exercise for average height person is a there employment. A little person can face discrimination in the workforce as they can be noted they are not fit for the job based on many skills. An average height person would most likely, be considered for a management position. A little person is faced with many obstacles and may not be able to perform a management position, as desired by the employer. Jobs can sometimes require
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