Dwight The Bully Ending

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Don, the ugly duckling ran as fast as he could(2). Dwight the bully was chasing after him for his lunch money. Then Don raced into an alleyway and Dwight ran right past him.. Don had lost Dwight once again. Don has been ugly all his life and only has one friend. His one and only friend is his pet rat, Dale. Don got Dale on his 8th birthday and they've been best friends ever since. The weird thing about Don is that he can understand what Dale is saying! Of course no one believes him though. So 21one day when Don arrived home from school he went up to his room to see Dale. But when he got into his room Dale wasn't in his cage! Don felt so sick he felt like he could die right there(3). So Don resolved he had to go find Dale. When Don got outside, he saw Dwight running away with Dale in his arms! Don ran as fast as he could but Dwight was too fast for him. So Don went home having little hope he would ever see Dale again, but suddenly he had an idea! He would disguise himself as Dora the explorer and go save Dale(9). The next day Don fastened his Dora the explorer costume on and went over to Dwight's house. ¨Hey Dwight let me have Dale back!¨ Don yelled at Dwight's window. Maybe they weren't home Don thought so he went over to his house and got a ladder. Then, he went back to Dwight's house and climbed up to his window which was already opened. Don crawled inside Dwight's room and saw Dale in a bin. Whoosh(5)! When Don went over to get Dale, the floor collapsed beneath them suddenly and Don and Dale started to fall to their doom. But when Don and…show more content…
/¨Wait aren't you David the guy that sold Dale to me at the pet store?¨ ¨Yes, and I want him back!¨ David shouted. ¨Never!¨ Don shrieked(8). And oddly enough right when Don screamed David passed out and fell on the ground. Then Don went home and was never bothered by David
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