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1. A product may be defined as everything, both favorable and unfavorable, that a person receives in an exchange.

2. An elementary school teacher purchased a ream of art paper, a box of crayons, and some modeling clay. The teacher intends to use these products in her classroom, so they would be classified as business products.

3. Convenience products, though inexpensive, still require considerable shopping effort by buyers.

4. Given the many differences in majors available, living options, and image differences,
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22. A company that wants to market its product globally has only two branding strategies available: either use the brand name everywhere or develop a new brand name for each different market.

23. Cultural traits can make a package design successful in one country and a failure in another.

24. A warranty does not confirm the quality or performance of a good or service.
25. All sales have an implied warranty under the Uniform Commercial Code.

NARRBEGIN: Alberto Culver Company Alberto Culver Company

The Alberto Culver Company manufactures a wide variety of products from hairspray to seasonings. A large number of these products are intended for personal use. The company is divided into three key divisions: toiletries, household, and professional. The toiletries division sells hair care brands such as Alberto VO5, Alberto, and Bold Hold. Additionally, this division handles the FDS line of feminine deodorant products. The household division sells brands such as Mrs. Dash seasonings, Papa Dash salt substitute, Baker 's Joy, Sugar Twin, and Static Guard. The professional division sells brands such as Tresemme, TCB, and Indola. Each of the brands listed above contains many individual products with varying formulations, such as the Alberto styling products, which include mousse, gel, spritz, spray-in conditioner, and hairspray.

113. Refer to Alberto Culver Company. Based on their intended use, Alberto Culver 's toiletries division products could

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