Dyadic Encounter Assignment

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Getting To Know Him Better
When I first started the Dyadic encounter assignment, I wasn’t quite sure what to do or who I would interview. As time went on I decided to take this time to spend some quality time with my son and get to know him a little better. This assignment allowed us to spend some one on one time together. It opened up conversations that gave me opportunities to express to my son; I would be by his side, no matter what, on his journey through life. At the beginning of the Dyadic assignment, it seemed like my son and I was really making time for a real interview. By the end of the five weeks, we began looking forwarded to spending time with each other and catching up on events that may have materialized since our last conversation. Every time we sat down for our scheduled meeting we would pick a different location to meet. I learned through our exchanges that the settings made a difference on how much we were engaged
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He is a fourteen year old young man, in the eighth grade, getting ready to graduate and go into high school. DJ is a very bright kid who doesn’t really like doing his schoolwork sometimes, but when he puts his mind to it, he’s capable of making A’s. Although I already know that he is a joyful and confident teenager, I figured I could use this time to dig a little deeper and get to know more about his hopes, goals, dreams, likes and dislikes. At fourteen, he’s not my little baby boy anymore; he’s growing up into a young adult with his own personality and starting to want to do things on his own. DJ is energetic and very athletic, with his favorite sport being football. As of right now he is on a traveling flag football team, and he also runs track for his school. DJ is a busy kid, which can sometimes alter the amount of time we spend together. This is another reason I felt it was best to choose interview him for the Dyadic

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