Dyadic Leadership Approach

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Dyadic Leadership Approach Amanda B. Donner LDR/531 August 27, 2012 Dennis Gribenas, PhD Dyadic Leadership Approach The dyadic leadership approach is one in which the linear relationship between a leader and one other individual that is to be led, is studied. The definition of the leader in terms of this approach is discussed with regard to how the leader is able to affect the desired behavior in the one that he is leading with regard to accomplishing specific tasks (Yukl, Chapter 1: Introduction: The Nature of Leadership, 2010). According to Yukl (2010) the dyadic leadership approach usually focuses on the “leadership behavior as the source of influence, and on changes in the attitudes, motivation, and behavior of an individual…show more content…
Weaknesses of the Dyadic Approach It would be the rare occasion that a leader would have one subordinate that requires management and influence. Although, the dyadic approach can be used to study a group dynamic on a limited basis, a group situation has many variables and does not lend well to simplified explanations. In the example of the sales representatives for a pharmaceutical or medical device company such and Medtronics, it is assumed that the sales representatives have little or no influence from or over their direct peers, which may not be the case. In a sales situation there may be a competitive relationship amongst the sales representatives, especially if there are incentives or commissions involved. In this way the dyadic approach is not sufficient to explain this dynamic because the relationship is no longer a linear relationship without outside influences on the behavior of the subordinate. The more interdependent the relationships of the subordinates, and the more need for a collective or group approach is needed to achieve the desired goals, the less appropriate the dyadic theory becomes (Yukl, Chapter 1: Introduction: The Nature of Leadership, 2010). Conclusion The dyadic theory as an approach to studying leadership is useful especially with regard to a linear and singular
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