Dyig to Be Thin

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Dying to Be Thin

A Look Into the Life of an Anorexic and the Health Risk That Come With It

By: Andrew Peterson

1. What did you see regarding ideal body weight? What other attitudes exist about weight?

When watching the video, I realized that anorexics don’t want to eat. They don’t feel hungry; they don’t think that they are destroying themselves. When they look at themselves, they see themselves as fat and overweight. To try and fit the image of what they think they should look like becomes an obsession. This eventually leads the large percentages of weight loss. Most anorexics, it seems, ideal body weight was 15 to 20 percent below their recommended body weight (according to their age and height).

2. List some
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Even when the people reach the weight level they want, they may still feel fat. Therefore, they keep losing weight. After they keep losing and losing and losing, it finally gets them physically. They are hospitalized and could die without immediate treatment.

The reason that eating disorders are a growing problem is because people think they need to be stick thin to be accepted by the current society. When they get the results they want, they think, “If I keep doing this, it will get even better.” This isn’t true; their serious disease takes great physical and emotional tolls on themselves, and also to their family and friends.

5. How does culture contributes to eating disorders through “role models”?

Role models are very important to young adults. Role models are what an adolescent aspires to become. And whatever their role model does, they want to do. Their role models are usually successful and must go to great lengths to maintain their success. This doesn’t mean that everyone must go to these lengths to be successful, but adolescents think that they must. If their role model is thin, then they will want to be thin. And if they see their teenage problems evaporate as they become thinner, they will think that that is the key. This is a very dangerous path to walk. It can lead to many regrettable decisions.

The truth is that TV gives everything a glow. It

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