Dying To Lie Research Paper

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The vision of our country is quiet unpredictable for the ever changing problems and solutions that on goes in our society. The everlasting people that makes up our society and even the world are greedy and selfish to they care for themselves but what really matters. As for America I can envision this country as unpredictable and greedy people that do nothing but lie around and do nothing but eat and afraid to change. I can see this happening because of the fact that most Americans are careless to see the true errors of what the individual has made but refused to accept, they make up lies to work or even support services that may make a difference in a person’s life and the very few people in this country that are pure hearted are ether dying…show more content…
We all lie in our lives just for something stupid that may be no use to you or us all but what matters is how much the lie impacts the current action. One of the main key factors to this section of my vision is lying one of the most ongoing problems for society to live it’s like a creed embedded. Say that man was the light that shined from the stars and the lies were the shadows and darkness, the lies hides the light that once shined throughout the lands but now it’s covered by a cocoon of lies we would be that dying light. I’m not saying it’s bad but it’s a common issue that’s been long term such as greed and self petty for yourself, it’s a gene in man’s code. I knew a kid from Washington from a school called Lydia hawk elementary, he was nice guy with heart but he had a mind that haunted me for years. We traded of toys on bus one day and I told him to not break the toy, as soon as he left the bus he tossed, smashed, and even bitten my toy then say his dog did it. I reported him to the principal’s office by the next day, I asked him why he did this event and he said that he was using me to so he could destroyed all things that I love but a toy that’s pathetic. He lied about my friendship so he can get close to and take everything that I owned, sad part about it is that this situation has occurred 3 times in my life. I hardly trust anyone now with…show more content…
Some Americans are these friendly and respectful citizens of our society normally they are always willing to support others whenever they have the time. America is alright for the fact that most people and citizens will do the following task with effort and worth without being forced to do it. I am one of these fellow citizen with this mind set for I fell empathy for most people in my school, family, and to my friends. I used to type inspirational speeches and words that would bring joy and happiness to those who can’t find there’s but I did not like the responses so I stopped. Probably over 67% of the thousands or millions of people that I’ve ever met are kind and helpful individuals which makes up a huge proportion of an Americans life. I have bring people out of the break suicide and even fixed relationships sometimes I bring smiles to the loners and I give HOPE for those that are like me. Life is hard for a child autism and ADHD which makes me really judgmental but I know friends or everyday people that don’t even care about me disabilities. This is what makes me second guess about America it’s because of this section of the essay is what changes my thoughts about this project. However about the rest I do hold every word accountable to this country because of the little good in this world there is man out there were they no sign of
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