Dylan Cash: A Short Story

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The year is 2145 an very evil time in the future. The whole world was in chaos and it all started with one man. His name was Dylan Cash also known as EVIL DYL. He was for evil because the day he was born there was a horrific snow storm. The day was February 17, 2100 also known as the day the world’s power went out. This was also such great day because they were the last twins to be born on Earth. Yes I forgot to mention that that Evil Dyl has a twin and his name is Dave. They were separated at birth and lost each other at birth when the power went out. After the world went dark the was complete chaos no leader. Dylan was found by a gang that killed and stole but Dave was found by careful people who thought the world could come back together after the blackout. As Dylan got older he begins to take over over the world piece by piece with no trouble. He had an huge and with the power out people had no choice but to live in fear of evil Dyl. But as the years…show more content…
Dylan woke up with a bright light in his face he thought it was the sun. As he opened his eyes he realized that it was a real light had only stories about the world before the power went out. He woke up in the bed the tv on he was shock. So he got dressed to see if this was real he seen house with people watching tv it's like he only dreamed. People were driving cars not horses and nobody was robbing each other. This world Dylan woke was perfect the complete opposite from where he lives. Dylan thought to himself that the world can be just like this without power as it was with power. He realized that he was made with power and became a dictator. Dylan heard some calle his name and he looked up notice that it was all a dream. As he woke up foreal this time Dylan saw someone that looked just like him holding a gun to his head. Then Good dave and Evil dylan realized there brothers. So they came together to get the world like dylan's dream he
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