Dylan Is Crazy

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I am trying to feel in the blanks and find out about Dylan and Eric. They are some trouble makers that like breaking into other people’s stuff. They went to jdc over it and dylan was highly pissed off. They broke into a white van with a bunch of electronics trying to hit a big score. Dylan was the quiet one that didn’t talk to anyone at school besides Eric because he doesn’t have any friends. He is a depressive child and holds in a bunch of anger and hate ,but he doesn’t let anyone know a difference in the way he is acting in school. Dylan looks really crazy in the video he made with Eric. He was screaming and talking like he was made at the whole world. I think Dylan is the one that will do anything he puts his mind on and also isn’t scared…show more content…
He is the one who comes up with them plan to go into the school. He built the bombs and showed Dylan what the plan was and how to execute it. Eric is a psychopath he made the plan up and there really wasn’t a plan but to go and spray everyone you can. Erics plan to escape was to shoot themselves so they wouldn’t have to spend life in jail or get the death penalty.. Eric was the cool one on the whole operation. “I wish i was a fucking sociopath so i didn’t have any remorse.” (cullen.328) They make each other click together because they both fit each other and also have the same goal. Eric and Dylan were friends for a reason and if one does it they both will. They have a creative mind and very dark souls. Their personalities are just alike they both are crazy and something wrong with their head. The both of them have hate in their heart, like they was bullied or picked on there whole life and just had to end the people at the school. In this conclusion the author dan cullen has diagnosed these boys to as crazy. Eric and Dylan have problems and they committed suicide after there killing spree. They knew their was no turning back from this and that there was no escape. Dylan and Eric will suffer for eternity in hell and no one will feel sorry ,or will they feel bad. These boys are wrong for what they did and will not be forgiven for taking all them
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