Dylan Thomas : An Extraordinary Lifestyle

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Dylan Thomas lived an extraordinary lifestyle, traveling the world in pursuit of his writing career. Along the way he impacted many, whether it be with his emotionally deep writing style or with his exuberant personality—a personality that ultimately led to his demise. In addition to defying the status quo by introducing Romantic style poetry into the twentieth century, Thomas’s fame can also be attributed to his time spent as a radio host on the British Broadcasting Center, and to his multiple reading tours in America, in which he was distinctively recognized by his flamboyantly dramatic actions and his rambunctious lifestyle.
Dylan Thomas was born on October twenty-seventh, nineteen fourteen in Swansea, Wales to a family who shared his appreciation for literature. Thomas’s literary education began when his father introduced him to Shakespeare’s poetry, reading it to him before Thomas could read on his own. His father was an English master at the grammar school in which Thomas attended, Swansea Grammar School, but the love for school did not carry out through the family. Thomas excelled in his English and literature classes, but neglected his other subjects, eventually dropping out of school at the age of sixteen to take a position as a junior reporter for the South Wales Daily Post. However; this was not his first encounter with literary composition, Thomas’s prose and poetry work was often published in the grammar school literary magazine. Here he composed his first

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