Dylan Thomas Essay

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Dylan Thomas

Dylan Thomas was born on October 27, 1914 in Swansea, Wales. His father was a teacher and his mother was a housewife. Thomas was a sickly child who had a slightly introverted personality and shied away from school. He didn’t do well in math or science, but excelled in
Reading and English. He left school at age 17 to become a journalist.
In November of 1934, at age 20, he moved to London to continue to pursue a career in writing. His first collection of poems called 18
Poems was released in 1934. Many people loved his work, and he gained instant recognition. His second collection released in 1936, 25 Poems, was also popular. The year he released his second collaboration of poems was also the year that he met his
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He died of alcohol poisoning in his hotel room in New York
City after an all night drinking binge.

Thomas was a very creative and talented writer. He not only wrote poetry, but wrote prose and drama as well. He was an individualistic writer, and was often referred to as the “classic Welsh writer.” He used many different narrative elements, mostly metaphors, imagery, meter and comic wit. His themes were consistent, he mostly wrote about life, death and mutability. Thomas’ favorite writer, D.H. Lawrence, inspired his intense lyricism and love for fantasy. The literary period that Thomas lived in was staid Puritanism, but he wrote mostly with a Romantic style. Most of Thomas’ imagery was based on Welsh legend, Christian symbolism, witchcraft, astronomy and Freudian

His most important works were of all different styles. The two collaborations that gained him the most recognition were of poetry, 18
Poems and 25 Poems. These poems were commonly read and entertaining to people of his time period. Although his poetry was recognized while he was living, he became most famous after he died. His prose writing was mainly sketches and stories. Most of his stories were altered autobiographical with fantasy. Two of his most renowned prose writings are: Portrait of the Artist as a Young Dog (published in 1940) and
Adventures in the Skin Trade (published in 1955). He also wrote radio shows later in his career. His most popular one
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