Dylan Thomas and his Obscure Poems

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Dylan’s obscure poems contained elements of surrealism and personal fantasy. Some of his poems were usually written in response to some particular experience. Thomas carries his linguistic and rhetorical virtuosity to extremes. Producing a result both more complex and more obscure than any other work. Dylan Thomas’s undeniable originality has set him apart from most people. But something is common with nearly every great poet, story-writer, and film-writer, and his own style. (poetryhunter.com) Dylan Thomas was born in Swansea, Glumorgun, Wales on October 27, 1914. His father, David John (DJ) Thomas, was an English master at the local grammar school, while his mother, Florence Hannah Thomas was a seamstress. He had an elder sister names Nancy. Dylan encourage his children to speak only in English. Dylan spent much of his childhood in Swansea, with regular summer visits to his maternal Aunt Carmarthonsire farm. The rural atmosphere contrasting with the town life influence his many short stories and radio essays. (poets.com) Thomas started his formal education at Mrs. Hole’s Dame School. Mrs. Hole’s Dame School is a private school in Mount Pleasant district of the city. Thomas published his first poem in…
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