Dyllan's Dangerous Theory

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Dyllan heard creaking in the woods. As he was quivering in fear Dyllan whispered, “Guys I think I hear something in the woods.” “BOO!” Sarah screamed. Four teens named Dyllan, Sarah, Stefani, and Carmelo were walking down a path then suddenly a burnt house appeared. Carmelo not being afraid, walks up the creaky steps and opens the door. Instantaneously Carmelo flies backwards. “Is he dead?”, Stefani asks in a scared shaky voice. “Got you!”, Carmelo says while wiping off his pants. He then said, “There is nothing to be afraid of, let’s go in.” So they all went in. At first the group hesitated, then finally entered the house, the door slammed behind them. A deep, loud voice yelled,”Find the door that leads to the basement!” They looked around and there were fourteen doors. All of them had enter at your risk written on them. Dyllan was the game whiz and said, “Let’s pick the door by using game elimination”. His theory…show more content…
At this point it was pitch- black; we couldn’t see our hands in front of our faces. They all pulled out glow sticks from our back pockets from the party earlier. The floor was muddy and the room was filled with a putrid odor. As they looked around, Sarah let out a gasp, there were four gravestones in the corner that had our names written on them. Stefani said, “We have to find a way out of here let’s find a door.” Just then the voice said, “You’re not leaving that easily.” In the back of the room there was a bunch of cauldrons. The voice said, “Here are the instructions you need, reach your hand inside of each cauldron for a clue.” Sarah said, “Everyone pick a cauldron.” They all did Carmelo chose first. As he reached his trembling hand inside the cauldron a gross, rotting hand came out and grab his hand. Without thinking the group rushed to help him. Surprisingly, he still managed to grab the clue. It read I am number 3 without me you won’t be able to see. THEN THE LIGHTS CAME ON AND IT WAS ALL A
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