Dynacorp Case Analysis Essay

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DYNACORP CASE ANALYSIS The political lens sees an organization as “an arena for competition and conflict among individuals, groups, and other organizations whose interest and goals differ and even clash dramatically” (Ancona, Kochan, Scully, Van Maanen, & Westney, 2005: M-2, 33). It assumes that “In the political perspective, the roots of conflict lie in different and competing interests, and disagreements require political action, including negotiation, coalition building, and the exercise of power and influence, all of which recognize that rationality is local” (Ancona et al., 2005: M2, 33). I will analyze and explain the concepts within the political landscape to explain the new front end / back end structure at Dyna Corporation,…show more content…
The belief that the group can change has to come from the top, so it is important that Mr. Greystone keeps a positive attitude in line with the decisions made by the Chairman and CEO. Mr. Greystone could be protecting his own job and reputation by having a positive and supportive attitude towards the new initiative. He shows that he is behind the company in the decisions made, and that he believes in Dynacorp’s new direction. Greystone says, “Now the way we go about that is to assign multifunction and multiproduct account teams to specific customers in specific industries…That way, our people are industry specialist, not just product knowledgeable...we are focusing the salesforce on selling customized solutions based on integrating our products…by targeting our investments toward growth of sales in specific industries and developing solutions to fit their needs, we’ll rebuild our market share and increase margins” Greystone wants his group to be successful and wants the support of his employees. Moreover his employees with his support behind them might feel like the have the right formula to continue the implementation of the new structure and be supportive of it. The success of Mr. Greystones group will reflect directly upon him and allow him to maintain a good imagine with his employees and attain possible career advancement within the organization. We will now analyze how different managers within the group regard the new implementation and how it affects
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