Dynamic Assessment Case Study

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1.2. Review of Literature Dynamic assessment as one of the modern branches of assessment in different domains of educational literature has been discussed and investigated for several years as a tremendous pro-learning form of assessment .A major part of different studies on the dynamic assessment was directly rooted from the outset by Vygotsky’s concept of the ZPD as a new crucial interesting item and his emphasis on applying instruction in assessment simultneously. Following researchers have demonstrated the importance and effectiveness of dynamic assessment in different areas of applied linguistics and language learning skills and subskills and try to depict the effects of using DA on applied linguistics domains :…show more content…
They illustrated their claim by conducting a case study of a third grade student who was diagnosed as reading 6 to 9 months below his grade level according to standard tests. The teaching phase of dynamic assessment included preteaching difficult vocabulary, activating prior knowledge, providing directions for reading, revealing system and structure in text and requiring articulation of what is learned. Through these conditions the child demonstrated appropriate average speed of silent reading and answered 7 out of 8 questions correctly. While reading orally the child made only 7 miscues, all of them semantically and syntactically appropriate. The dynamic assessment confirmed that the child’s learning potential is consistent with his grade placement and provided the teachers with specific information essential for creating conducive conditions of his progress in
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