Dynamic Data Deduplication On Cloud Storage

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Unity Id: vjsangha Paper Title: Dynamic Data Deduplication on Cloud Storage Authors: Waraporn Leesakul, Paul Townend, Jie Xu(School of Computing University of Leeds, Leeds) Link: The paper presents the idea of dynamic data deduplication model. The main motivation of authors is to use deduplication on dynamic nature of cloud data. The current approaches on deduplication on cloud are mostly focused on static nature of data. They emphasized that we are not utilizing full power of deduplication as most volume of data on cloud are dynamic in nature. It starts with detailed discussion on cloud computing and deduplication. Authors then analyze existing work on cloud…show more content…
So, it makes perfect sense of going in flow and introducing subsequent topics. Another strength I noticed that when authors wanted to introduce new architecture they don’t jump directly on to explain it. Authors analyzed existing architectures like SAM, AA-Dedupe, CABdedupe and SHHC, they mentioned benefits and shortcoming of each and every one. After that they reached on finding that these all architectures are lacking to consider dynamic nature of data during duplication. So this is how they reached on necessity of their architecture and introduced it. Two big strength of the architecture are handling issue of dynamicity and consider quality of service as they decide how many copy of a file and chunk should be replicated. This paper also holds very strong on experimental results of proposed solution. The authors experimented the model with many possible set ups like changing number of deduplicators, changing type of operation, and change in the value of the quality of service factor. So overall they touched upon every possible setup to conclude that more than 90% of time savings can be achieved. Another strong point about paper is that authors are very clear about what factors are being compromised in the study and they discussed scope of it. For example, a possible monitor access patter can be implemented where system will
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