Dynamic Engineering They are involved in manufacturing of various products such as Pre-Fabricated

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Dynamic Engineering They are involved in manufacturing of various products such as Pre-Fabricated Ducts, Forward Curved Blowers, Air Washers, Air Handling Units, Centrifugal blowers, Air Curtains, Air Filters, Ducting and Axial Flow Fans etc. They have to be very precise and accurate in manufacturing to satisfy their customers. They deal with problems of inventory. T – Series Super Cassettes Industries Limited (SCIL) is a music company of India. It owns the music label T-Series. It is also a film production and distribution company. The sets for the news bulletin as well how the sets been built up for dance and other reality shows. It was amazing to know the preparation of the stuffs we watch on TV. Also the recording studios where modern…show more content…
Being in the business of generating power from renewable source it enjoy benefits of government schemes. Gupta Woolen Mills This firm is manufacture handmade shawls and other handmade textile designs. This both buildings have combined more than 100 old and traditional machines which work on man power. This firm has shown the importance of traditional products and how they have been able to stay afloat against the competition from the high tech enterprises. There is lack of facilities available for workers but still they manage to give out their best work. They are paid very less but the product they develop fetch high price in the market. Kullu Neer This firm concentrates on the packaging and treating the water for retailing purposes. Firm majorly focuses on the quality of the product, being in packaged drinking industry for 15 years, firm has developed its manufacturing plant with sophisticated technology and plants. With major plants installed in a small space firm teaches on how to use the space effectively and how to create leverage over assets. LEARNINGS RELATED TO YOUR OWN BUSINESS The main learning of the industry visit was that we got a unique experience which could be replicated to improve the efficiency, production and competency in our family business Being visited to big corporates as well
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