Dynamic Nominalism

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The meaning of dynamic nominalism is that in naming classifications of human types, people come to fit the label given. A new possibility is offered and this can influence individuals to adopt characteristics and thus fit in to the new classification. This differs from inert nominalism and realism as this label may not always be the same one used for the individual, as social change gives birth to new opportunities, individuals may move categories. This essay is going to explore Hacking’s term dynamic nominalism through the illustration of some of the issues in the emo society. The concept of dynamic nominalism claims that in giving a name to a category a new opportunity is created for human types to adopt. New types of people start to…show more content…
(Simond 2007) These are set behaviours and the people who fit themselves to this new classification of emo adopt these, illustrating as dynamic nominalism proposes, “people spontaneously come to fit their categories”. (Hacking 2002:100) We then see the manufactured society and the people within it working together, fulfilling their new role of expressing emotions showing “classifications and our classes conspire to emerge hand in hand, each egging the other on”(Hacking 2002:106) As will be shown next classifications are not stagnant and through life individuals may choose to affiliate with another label. Dynamic nominalism differs to both realism and nominalism; it suggests that society is active and ever changing, bringing about new classifications people can chose to live. A realist believes that people are pre-sorted, that labels exist before we discover that which we label. In contrast a nominalist believes that the only thing that which is labelled has in common is the label. They also believe that classifications do not interact with their class and that labels do not change. In the emo society we can see change is

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