Dynamic Processes Involved That Case Management Meet The Needs Of The Client

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There are many dynamic processes involved that case managers need to consider when providing their services and developing case plans that include etiology of the client’s disease and/or disorder, treatment approaches, available social services and programs, financial and legal implications. Many find it helpful to use a checklist to use as a guide to ensure that all aspects of case management meet the needs of the client, and should include:
• Make every effort to be competent in addressing the special circumstances that affect clients typically referred to a particular substance abuse treatment program. Example: Police officers generally do not seek treatment due to fear of stigmatization; and may not be trusting or forthcoming with treatment staff.
• Understand the client’s situation and consequences of their disorders/issues; and determine level of care. Example: How Frank’s PTSD is related to the stress resulting from his job; and determine the level or intensity of care he may need.
• Remain aware of the limits of one 's own knowledge and expertise. Example: Proper recognition of stress (and understanding how to treat it) is important in helping Frank maintain his health while on the job.
• Evaluate personal beliefs and biases about clients who have special problems. Example: Case manager may not have good experiences involving police officers and may be biased towards Frank.
• To be knowledgeable of additional information, services and resources that may be
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