Dynamic Programming Methods For Electricity Generation Schedule Essay

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Dynamic Programming Method Approach to Unit Commitment for Electricity Generation Schedule in Yangon Division

Khine Khine Mon*, Than Zaw Htwe*, Soe Soe Ei Aung*
Department of Electrical Power Engineering,Yangon Technological Universtiy
Yangon Technological Universtiy, Insein Township,Yangon, Myanmar

This paper presents a Dynamic Programming (DP) method based an algorithm to solve the Unit Commitment (UC) scheduling of the thermal generation units in Yangon. Electricity demands are in its peak in Yangon, it has become very difficult for operators to fulfill the demand in the present. The main objective of Unit Commitment is to determine a minimum cost turn-on and turn-off schedule of a set of electrical power generating units to meet a load demand while satisfying a set of operational constraints. The total production costs include fuel, startup, shutdown, and no-load costs. There are many conventional and evolutionary programming methods used for solving the unit commitment problem. Dynamic programming method is one of the successful approaches to unit commitment problem. Dynamic Programming has many advantages over the enumeration scheme, the chief advantage being a reduction in the dimensionality of the problem. It is one of the refined algorithm design standards and is powerful tool which yields definitive algorithm for various types of optimization problems. To implement the unit commitment problem into an optimization program, the MATLAB® software is used.

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