Dynamic Tuning In or Empathetic Listening

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Mickey strikes back with either words or fists. James, now confused, provides equal violence of Mickey’s actions. A scenario like this can quickly turn sour even when both parties had no reason to start aggression. The reason for all this fuss is a mistake to understand communication. Although there may be other sources to conflicts, this is what lies in the most of said conflicts.
Indeed, misinterpretation of plans or goals can occur when both parties fail to communicate with another. When these two groups are not conferencing, is no way to be clear on goals, plans, or positions; effects of this can also start rumors. Even when groups speak as politely and even seem genuine about their actions towards one another, there can be still the problem of cultural backgrounds or language that ruins the chance of communication from being happening.
Even with parties with vast cultural backgrounds, misconceptions can develop since personal communication styles. One individual can ask question after question to seem curious, but another individual will be enraged by this line of questioning and demand to stop. Male and female are different manners. Deborah Tannen debates for females, "Talk creates intimacy, but men live in a hierarchical world, where talk maintains independence and status." This research showcases females incline to look at one another in the eyes, males, on the other hand, look…

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