Dynamic and Culture

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Cultural Uniformity versus Heterogeneity. Cultures differ from organization to another depending upon the leaders of the organization on how they shape organizational culture. It is merely dependant on the core business of the organization and vital values that needs to be embedded in an organization. They are many organizations who adopt uniformity in their organization cultures whereas others they adopt heterogeneity prospective in their organization culture. Nowadays many organizations prefer to have a combination of both cultures depending on their organization structures and departments core functions. Uniformity and heterogeneity differs from department to another depending upon their core function and if the organization would…show more content…
Each of these divisions will have a separate subculture even though they all participate in the organizational culture and purpose of the charitable organization. The fund raisers, for example, may meet together on their own to plan strategies or share successes with each other. The field workers may meet together or with others to report on how the distributed charitable funds are being used. Each of these groups shares a commonality that is individual to that group even though they also share the organizational culture of the whole. Each of these groups can have more or less structure. They may have leaders or act as a cooperative. Some may be innovative and some may adhere strictly to the perceived values and rules of the parent organization. Some groups may have a similar enough culture within to allow for social interaction outside the workplace. Neither uniformity nor heterogeneity is wrong to be adopted in any organization rather having them distributed in a right manner will drive organization towards success and generates more revenue. Many advanced organization will have mix of both depending on their core functions. Department in Dubai Airport Uniformity Culture Heterogeneity culture Marketing Unified in value, mission, vision, strategic pillars conversational, extroversive, energetic, persuasive, formal look Finance Unified in value, mission,
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