Dynamite During The Industrial Revolution

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Dynamite is a very destructive tool. it could be used to make jobs easier for miners, but dynamite could also be used in despicable ways. According to Nobel tried to keep his invention secret, but failed to and the military tried to weaponize it to suit their needs. He did not like the use of dynamite in the military, so he invented the nobel peace prize. This prize is awarded to the person who spreads the idea of peace the most. Dynamite was invented in 1867 by Alfred Nobel. According to, Nobel’s father was a inventor. Nobel attended school in St Petersburg and shined in his studying. While there he gained a interest in poetry, this interest caused his father to put him in stricter chemistry and engineering classes. If not for this Alfred Nobel could have became a poet. On March 22nd 1866 Alfred Nobel invented dynamite. Dynamite would be used throughout the Industrial Revolution as a tool for clearing rocks and debris for miners. It would even be used to create the presidents faces on Mount Rushmore. According to the first dynamite factory was created on March 19 1868. These were some great ways people used dynamite, but there was also terrible ways. On September 19 1920 there was a attack on Wall Street using dynamite. Dynamite also brought along a new illegal way of fishing,…show more content…
During the Industrial Revolution it was used for mining, creating roads, and removing jagged places. Dynamite was also used in war and, to put it simply, terrorist attacks. Even though dynamite had good and bad purposes, it changed not only life in the Industrial Revolution, but the lives of everyone around the world. Dynamite set the way for explosives and construction devices today, and changed the way people fought wars. Before dynamite was invented the use of explosives in war was unheard of, and created a new way people fought
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