Dysfunctional Family In The Renaissance Era

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Drama is in the top 5 category of popular genres in the world. Present in those dramas often times are dysfunctional families that we can’t help but binge watch on TV, like Empire, Family Guy, and The Game of Thrones. None of these families are perfect; they double cross each other, commit adultery , do anything for power and even try to kill each other, but that’s what makes their shows so entertaining. Just when you think your family is full of a bunch of psycho nut jobs, you are able to take comfort in watching families that have it even worse than you do. It is not that we are just cynical human beings but we just like to be entertained. This is no different than the revenge tragedy plays of the Renaissance era that have a huge focus on dysfunctional families. If you take out the titles: Duke, Duchess, prince, servant etc. modern audiences can find these plays compelling and a lot like movies of today in regards to jealousy, rebellion and attention grabbing scenes.

In The Spanish Tragedy by Thomas Kyd, there’s a family consisting of a controlling father (The Duke), disobedient daughter (Bel-imperia) and her meddling, overprotective brother (Lorenzo). Bel-imperia is commanded by her father to marry a prince named Balthazar that is wealthy and has a high position. She on the other hand has her preference for someone that isn’t quite on her level but she loves, named Horatio. Her father in Act 2 scene 3 line 7 says “yet herein shall she follow my advice, which is to love
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