Essay about Dysfunctional Medical Insurance

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Dysfunctional Medical Insurance

A mom is waiting frantically in the local emergency room while her little girl continues to cry with pain. An hour goes by without any news as to when she will finally be treated. At last, their number gets called and they go over to the registration desk. The lady behind the desk opens their file and shakes her head in disbelief as she turns to look at yet another mother with remorse. She continues to tell the mother that the hospital has refused to provide medical attention to her little girl due to insurance problems. This scenario is sadly very common in the lower class families with little or no insurance coverage, in fact “20% of the U.S. population lacks medical coverage” (Richman). While
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Initially, the insurance policies were made to help in emergency situations for people who had a broken a leg, or had to have major surgery and could not afford the price of high-technology treatment. The insurance would have made the customer pay about fifty dollars a month out of they’re hard-earned money whether they were going to use it or not, for medical treatment. Still, the insurance did not cover all of the expenses even though the customer is shelling out thousands of dollars, sometimes for nothing. It is just another way for a large insurance business to make people believe that they need to insure their own health, like they were a possession or an item. Now people are paying for insurance that they seldom use, but feel better because the business has made them believe that they cannot and will not live without medical insurance. Or in the case of self-employment, insurance is not an option because the expenses are usually paid for by the company one works for.

Another bad result of medical insurance is that it has turned the entire field of medicine in to a financial playground of human life. Doctors are supposed to treat all patients equally, as opposed to treating only those with insurance first, no matter what the circumstance. Before, medical information flowed only between the patient and his or her medical practitioner. The physicians
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