Dysfunctions Of A Team, Results, And Recommendations

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Dysfunctions of a Team 7

Dysfunctions of a Team Survey, Results, and Recommendations
Kim J. Hebel
University of Central Arkansas

A 10-12 PLC team was surveyed on their personal beliefs about how their team functions. The survey results were calculated and evaluated using Lencioni?s (2002) five Dysfunctions of a Team. Although this is a particularly close-knit team a Lack of Accountability was found to be the major weak area. Three suggestions are offered to aid in the team?s ability to hold each other and themselves accountable to the goals of the team to achieve better results. Keywords: team dysfunction, survey, professional learning community

Dysfunctions of a Team Survey, Results, and Recommendations
Having effective teams that can work together to address issues, find solutions, and make plans to on how to move forward can be a hard task to manage. For this project I chose to survey one of the professional learning communities, or PLC, in my school to better understand how they saw themselves as a team. This team meets weekly to discuss curriculum and students. They also are involved in school-wide decisions and data reviews. My goal for this project was to see how the PLC felt about their own group performance and to make suggestions on how to improve in the future.
The PLC team I…
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