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Running head: Phonological Theory of Dyslexia Phonological Theory of Dyslexia Name Course Tutor Date Introduction Learning difficulties have been a common occurrence and there are many theories established to explain this disorder. Dyslexia, the common term for learning problems, affects a large part of the population and several studies have been carried out to determine the main cause of the disorder. Psychologists have been engaged in debate as to what theory best describes the occurrence of dyslexia with support for either of the three dominant theories of developmental dyslexia namely; the phonological deficit theory, cerebellar theory or the magnocellular theory. The phonological deficit theory has…show more content…
Reading is associated with new vibrancy in the left-hemisphere of the brain (Turkeltaub, Gareau, Flowers, Zeffiro, & Eden, 2003). When this part of the brain records a rise in activity and the right inferotemporal records a reduction in doings, then a person increases his phonological skills (Turkeltaub, et al., 2003; Raschlea, Zuk, & Gaab, 2012). This enhances the learning capability of a person and this can be taken to mean that with a reduction in the development of the phonological skills, then a person is likely to develop learning difficulties (Ivry & Justus, 2001). As such, the authors are in support of the phonological theory with regard to dyslexia. In addition, the study has shown that reduced ability to differentiate between phonetics can lead to learning difficulties. As has already been noted, the brain is an important part and it has been implicated in learning difficulties in almost all theories (Carreiras, et al., 2009). A test done on 77 subjects revealed that the left superior gyrus was implicated in reading and learning capabilities (Pernet, Andersson, Paulesu, & Demonet, 2009). This result plays a great role in supporting the phonological theory despite the fact that it supports other theories. A critical review of the study shows that difficulties in phonological capabilities are the main cause of dyslexia since even the cerebellum only affects the ability of the learner to develop this skill (Zeffiro & Eden,

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