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Imagine your childhood. Now imagine sitting in school and dreading that one moment when your elementary school teacher is going to call on you to read aloud to the class. Imagine that you dread this moment so dearly because you constantly trip over simple words and are made to feel stupid because of it. Or worse, imagine knowing that you do try your hardest but still have report cards that say that you are not living up to your full potential and need to start making an effort in school. These are just some of the thoughts and emotions that a child with dyslexia faces everyday.

Dyslexia is a language based learning disorder that is grounded in the neurobiology of the brain. The disorder interferes with the processing and
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However, there is no correlation between intelligence and dyslexia. In fact, very intelligent people are dyslexic. For example, Einstein, arguably the one of the most intelligent people ever, was known to be dyslexic. People with dyslexia can go on to higher education and become professionals. Often, these people succeed in areas that do not require a significant number of language based tasks on a daily basis (4).

Sometimes, children can learn to work around their disability without special help. In fact, some of these people do not learn of their diagnosis until adolescence or adulthood when they suddenly start having problems keeping up with school or work. It is a disorder that can go undetected until adulthood when the person's child is diagnosed. However, it is not something that can "go-away" when discovered and treated. It cannot be cured but those with the disorder can learn to overcome it with special training and educational provisions such as untimed testing or spoken exams.

As noted above, some people find out about their disability by learning about their child’s learning problems. Dyslexia is a genetic disorder. Recently scientists located a gene on the short arm of chromosome #6 for dyslexia. Because the gene is dominant the disorder is highly heritable (1). Furthermore, studies have found that in children who are newly diagnosed, nearly 80% have a history of learning difficulties in their families. This

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