Dyslexic Experience

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Dyslexics are inquisitive lifelong learners. While often misunderstood, we tend to possess an insatiable curiosity and commitment to figuring out the world around us that is unique in its intensity. We are not only compassionate about learning—we are driven to analyze and assess the world around us—to turn arguments inside out, then right-side back again. This, after all, is what dyslexics do well. As a dyslexic I have a distinct viewpoint allowing me to question teaching norms and push the boundaries to reach each student where they are in their process. We see the world from a unique perspective, and we are compelled to share our perspective with others. This is why we make great teachers. In second grade I distinctly remember opening…show more content…
Despite the difficulties dyslexics experience along the way, we thrive when challenged, becoming even more intrigued and curious when faced with seemingly unsolvable puzzles. We are especially invigorated when our unique perspective is recognized and valued. After all, without the tenacious commitment to solving the mysteries and complexities of the written text, we would never have made it past kindergarten because we would have given up on that first mysterious, inexplicable, and unpredictable code we call language. It is often the case that dyslexics share an insatiable appetite for learning. These experiences have brought me full circle and as an educator I have learned many approaches to teaching in multicultural and divers…show more content…
Creating meaningful connections in a learning environment that foster a developmental process became my educational practice. My philosophy and methods embrace experiential learning theory. This theory promotes direct, meaningful experiences that meet the needs of diverse learners. As educators we know students do not all learn the same way. Preferred learning styles develop through personal experience and individual brain functioning. My job is to teach so each learning style is engaged. If I can accomplish this task, students form real connections within the dynamics of the relationship formed between the teacher, subject and
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