Dystopia Is A Society Of A Perfect Utopian World

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Dystopia is a society that is being controlled in every way. The society is controlled by a mindless bureaucracy through a tangle of red tape, relentless regulations, and incompetent government officials. The key characteristic of a dystopian society is that citizens go through torture because they’re living in a dehumanized state. Essentially the society is an illusion apparition of a perfect utopian world.
All of the society’s freedom is cramped. There is complete fearfulness in all of all the locals in each society which make the societies have something in common. Beginning with 1984, Winston was afraid of torture because of what he had written in his notes. “Notes he made he dropped them into the memory hole.” p.(109) He did this so the notes could be died down by flames. He was afraid of the authorities to see what he had written down. Nevertheless in Harrison Bergeron George has to wear a ear piece to stop him from thinking hard. “The transmitter would send out sharp noise.” p.(1) The transmitter only sent out sharp noise to stop George from thinking hard. This is frightening because the government is not letting him think like he would in today’s world. Although that was a tough time for George. Planet of the apes relates to these two because the locals are afraid to disobey the government as well. The human civilization is completely destroyed. “Over 90% of the human population has died. “ The humans have demise in the pandemic, while the apes gained brainpower. The…
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