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A dystopia is defined as a futuristic, imagined universe in which oppressive societal control and the illusion of perfect society are maintained through different forms of control. These types of readings point out norms in society and breaks down the political system. There are many themes that are explored in these types of readings. For example, restricted freedom, constant surveillance, fear of change, ignorant to the real world, and conformity are often central themes in dystopian novels. The basic idea is that the world is not perfect and by controlling every aspect of society, it controls the terrible things that may take place. The purpose of a dystopian novel is to explore structures that we don’t think about, whether it be in a…show more content…
These types of reading usually have a life changing event that take place and it alters the way that the world thinks and naturally is. It is also likely something bad will happen, such as war if certain guidelines aren’t followed. One major event is usually war. War and the down spiral of a society are usually ideas found these types of readings. There is also a character in the book who stands out. This person can be the main character. This is the person who is not ignorant to many situations and can tell what is going on. The reading also makes you think about real life. There are themes pointed out in the novel that are currently taking place in the real life. This gives the reader a clearer picture of what the future could be like and that’s the overall purpose. Also, order, control, and organization is always important and extremely visible. There is a structure that all members of the society must follow. The society is highly organized to the point it makes readers feel that it is weird. These are all themes and ideas one can look for while reading. You must be able to identify what kind of reading you have in front of you so that you can explore deeper. This paper will explore some more ideas in A Clockwork Orange. This presentation will examine how the novel A Clockwork Orange implicates issues with mental illness and personality problems to the dystopian theme. Through plot and character

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