Dystopian Societies : Literature Study

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Utopian & Dystopian Societies - Literature Study Written By:Anthony Koper, Nate Stricker, and A.J. Futrick We are learning the meanings of a utopia and dystopia through reading The Giver and The Hunger Games. A utopia and a dystopia are very different. A utopia is an imaginary land with perfection of all kinds. In a utopian world, everybody makes the same amount of money, everyone is treated fairly, there is no racism or discrimination, everyone has housing, and nobody will ever starve or be unhappy. A dystopia is the total opposite of a utopia because a dystopia is a horrible messed up place. Everyone is upset, and it is dark and a gloomy community. In a dystopia, there is a strong government and there are strict rules that you have to follow. You may even feel like you are a slave. People are treated poorly in this type of a society. There may be racism or discrimination. As you can see, a utopia is very different from a dystopia. The first book we studied was The Giver. The Giver is about a different community that is a private place which is in a bubble. The people in the community lives’ has no love,color,or suffering. In this book the people do not pick their jobs or their husbands or spouse. The main character is Jonas is a eleven year old turning twelve year old boy. He is getting ready for the ceremony of twelve in December. The ceremony of twelve is a celebration of everyone under twelve. Every time you grow one year older you get reward for example when you
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