Dystopian Society In Aldous Huxley's Brave New World

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Brave New World by Aldous Huxley is about a dystopian society where there are no relationships and people live in castes. In the new world people are mass produced in factories and their whole lives are planned out for them. There is a saying in the new world, “everyone belongs to everyone else”. This saying indicates that it is okay to sleep around with many people. This kind of behavior isn’t stigmatized in the new world as it is in our world. The book tells the story of many characters but specifically of John, a boy from the Savage Reservation. He is brought to the World State, along with his mother Linda, by Bernard, and alpha that has some physical defects. In the book we see John’s views change about the World State once he actually begins living there. Some other important characters are Lenina Crowne, a girl from the World State who plays the “love” interest of both Bernard and John at different times, and the Director, he doesn’t actually have a name but runs the Hatchery, the place where people are made. Brave New World is an appropriate book to read…show more content…
It also shows us what can sometimes be the consequence. Towards the end of the book John has left the city life of the World State and has began living in a lighthouse. One of the things he does is whip himself in order to get rid of all of his sins. One day someone sees him do this and he becomes a circus act for the city folk. They come to him one day saying, “Do the whipping stunt. Let’s see the whipping stunt.” (Huxley pg256). These people want to see John in pain for fun. This shows how someone else’s pain can be seen as amusing when it is actually very serious. Huxley himself in the book says, “Pain was a fascinating horror.” (Huxley pg258). This scene relates to how we sometimes perceive pain as “fake” or as a joke. This scene ends up teaching us a very valuable lesson; pain should always be taken
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