Dystopian Society

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Trapped: Blinded by The Dark A Dystopian Society is a civilization that dehumanizes individuals and strips them of their individuality. Within this society, the government monitors and controls the citizen’s every move and beliefs. This type of society can be seen in Brave New World, written by Aldous Huxley, where Huxley describes a perfect vision of a “Utopian” future. Most of the citizens that live in this imbruted “World State” are genetically mutated and pharmaceutically narcotized to live an everlasting life. Huxley explains the characteristics of this Utopian nation through the use of social commentary. Throughout the text of Brave New World, Aldous Huxley creates a dystopian society that satirizes and comments on his current…show more content…
Often times other people do not see the reasoning for Bernard not taking this drug, especially Lenina, his crush. Huxley paints a picture in the reader’s mind to allow readers to understand the corrupt world he lives in. Rather than feeling what society has and things that are involved into making one, citizens would rather hide from their problems. Some might say that using a psychopharmacological substance to induce people to conform to society’s standards is a horrible action for any government to enforce (Schermer). However, this drug is considered to be Utopian happiness because of how “alive” it makes one feel (Schermer). Soma could be seen as a similarity to alcohol or medical marijuana in how both of them enhances social contact and takes one on a holiday vacation figuratively. Soma is taken only to keep “The World State” stable, it makes people feel content with how they are living their lives (Schermer). This drug has citizens believing that their life is perfect when in actuality it is the opposite. Therefore, this “Brave New World” has an intoxicating vision for the future, one that involves drugs and suffering. Huxley’s goal in writing this novel was to show how easily the government has the power to brainwash the people living in society. Regardless of race, class, or gender the government is fully capable of stripping away people’s individuality and pride (Sun). The government performs this through the use of propaganda. Propaganda is the

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