Essay about Dystopian Society, V for Vendetta

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V for Vendetta

History has a tendency to repeat itself. One of humanity’s most popular ways of getting its point across is through violence. When words are no longer enough to argue a point, human casualties not only directly solve the problem, but symbolically send a message to all those affected as well. Just as the American colonies fought against the British for Freedom when their voice was no longer heard, and just as the Islamic extremists used terrorism to send an evil message to America, both V and Chancellor Sutler used violence to gain a voice in a world of chaos.
In the film V for Vendetta the viewer is welcomed to a dystopia in which the government not only controls its citizens, but removes their privacy, civil
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These actions were all peaceful, although V did find it necessary to directly take hold of the source of the countries disguised turmoil. His murders and assassinations of the people responsible sent not another message of fear, but a message of true hope, and a change for the better.
Although both V’s and Sutler’s intentions of harm and hope were total opposites, it’s hard to deny the fact that their actions were similar. While V targets the government and Chancellor Sutler destroys the nation’s security, both use violence to let those uninformed hear what couldn’t be heard before. Many argue that two wrongs don’t make a right, and killing for killing is unethical. So in order to fully understand the plot of the movie, you have to take a front seat to the hypocrisy of it all, and understand that whatever force is exerted, another force of equal value is created. It’s the balancing act of life. V may have disrupted the ideals that we as humans are given to believe, but he was only fighting the fight that was inevitably going to be fought.
The movie not only gives us a glimpse to the potential evil and manipulative people of the world, but also helps us to understand that sometimes violence is necessary. When actions are so terrible, so negative, and so extreme that people lose sight of right and wrong, and learn to accept the unacceptable, death is the only real verdict for some. V let England know that people

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