Dystopian Themes

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Will P: Hello and welcome to Will ‘n’ Will reviews, I’m your host William Pulsford and with me is acclaimed novelist and critic Will Stevens who has written countless novels and then gone on to rip other peoples to shreds.

Will S: Hey, come on they had it coming because they wrote some sub-standard works. Don’t sell yourself short either you’ve written some great books that have been #1 on the New York Times Bestselling list and you’ve had your name in countless magazines for your valued opinion. Will P: Thank you for those kind words Will but now I think it’s time we get to the novel that we’re reviewing. This week we’re going to give you our thoughts on Gone, a science fiction novel by Michael Grant that’s really quite the
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I mean, the theme we agreed on was dystopian and apocalyptic so what better way to show unethical control and corruption than with a world that has quite literally been flushed down the toilet with a child who thinks he can rule the world with an iron fist and enforces his rules with severe punishment. The unethical use of power is also evident in the dystopian theme when Drake decides to allow the killing of an innocent girl and kill two people who don’t agree with his ideals. If this theme doesn’t shed light on a big idea than I don’t know what will.

Will S: What about the plot? I kind of liked how it mimicked the novel Lord of the Flies at the start with the fact that there was no adult authority and the kids would have to govern themselves. It made the power corrupts ideal stronger as it showed that this wasn’t just adults who could lose control and be corrupted by children who can lose all their morals for power. It then went on to mirror Lord of the Flies too much like when it showed the bullies taking control of the town or asserting themselves as
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Well then the idea that power corrupts should be easy to see because the stronger kids will pick on the weaker kids more ruthlessly as now they have even more power as there are no limits or no adults thus this moral code that was enforced on them is corrupted. (Will S nods) This plot did kind of go off course in some of the bits with the Darkness where it was just kids versus a powerful entity and the parts with animal mutations. If it focused more on the main plot of ‘no more authority and now kids rule’ plot, then Michael could have shown more of the power corrupts ideal. He should have shown Sam losing control of his power and slowly becoming corrupt because then we would’ve seen how absolute power can corrupt absolutely because it took a good-hearted person and turned them bad.

Will S: Well I hope that’s given you all something to think about but now we’re going to give you our rating of the book.
Will P: It’s the part where we either help save your money on a book or make you waste your money and buy one. As you may know our rating goes from 1-5 with 1 being a steaming pile of (Will S tells Will P that “we’re not allowed to say that word”) bad book and 5 being almost as good as the Bible and free from most imperfections.
Will S: What a great read that Bible is, eh? Anyways I’m going to give this book a 4/5 as it was too much like Lord of the Flies but it had enough
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