E.B. White’s essays

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In E.B. White’s essays, “Once More to the Lake “and ‘The Ring of Time”, the author demonstrates two different interpretations of time and how it is used to symbolize meaning to each piece. “Once More to the Lake” is an essay that is derived mostly from White’s personal experience while “The Ring of Time” is mostly examining a teenage girl performing at the circus, in the eyes of someone else. Both of these articles give the reader insight of how the author uses the theme of time to show different aspects to the storyline. In White’s essays, he uses strategies that reflect on the past and foresee the future, use other individuals as vehicles to access an alternative temporality and demonstrate his own perceptions and visions in…show more content…
In contrast to “The Ring of Time”, White’s essay “Once More to the Lake” uses the narrator’s son to explore the notion of time. While visiting the lake again, he was going to use a motor boat with his son and just by “watching him and remembering the things that could be done with the old one-cylinder engine “(White, Once More to the Lake 3). In that quotation, White is giving example as to how the narrator is exploring the notion of time through his son. As his son uses the boat, he remembers him once using the boat with the same type of engine, therefore he is reliving the past through his son. In similarity, both stories use other people as an object to help you see how White explores the notion of time, and it is all due to his interpretations of each character. White uses the strategy of demonstrating his own perceptions and visions in order to explore the notions and reality of time. In both essays, the author thinks of time as a major theme that gives meaning to the storyline. In “The Ring of Time”, White claims that time is moving in a circle. As quoted from the narrator “as I watched with the others, our jaws dropped, our eyes alight, I became painfully conscious of the element of time…everything seemed to be taking the shape of a circle, conforming to the course of the horse…then time
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