E Books On The Market

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Ever since e-books arrived on the market, it has been said that it will only be a matter of time before they replace printed books altogether. In recent years the E-Book and the ability to purchase copies of an electronic book online has risen in popularity. There are many people who would care if the printed book was replaced by an electronic counterpart. It makes some wonder whether one will replace the other or will they both be able to coexist. Because of the improvement in technology and the increased availability of online books, printed books may become obsolete in the near future. E-books were initially conceptualized in 1945 by Vannevar Bush, but it took until the early 2000s for the transition from the printed book to the electronic book to begin. It took ten or so years for the e-book to become a part of people’s daily lives (Pledger 2010). An e-book is nothing but a computer file/electronic copy of printed book that needs a device such as PC or PDA or web, to access and read (Ramaiah 2012). Storage, ease of purchase, portability, price and useful features are just some of the things that draw e-book lovers in. E-books have a large storage capacity; thousands of books can be stored on one device. Nowadays there are multiple websites to purchase e-books from without any hassle. E-books can also be seen as more portable than regular printed books. When one book is finished, another can be started right away. They are also lighter printed books. Price is also a
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