E Books Vs. Books

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Criswell 1 Jonas Criswell Mrs. Younger ENGL Comp 2 23 February 2016 “E-Books or Paper Books? That is the Question!” One of the big questions for most college students now entering college is “ [does one] use paper text books or E-books now?” so to start off with a definition of what an E-book is. According to the Oxford dictionary, an electronic book or E-book is “an electronic version of a printed book that can be read on a computer or hand held device designed specifically for this purpose. An E-textbook is used for instructional or educational purposes and often includes features such as bookmarking, searching, highlighting, and note-taking as well as built-in dictionaries and pronunciation guides, embedded video-clips, embedded hyper-links, and animated graphics.” (Oxford Dictionary) so now that the definition of what an E-book has been characterized , next to discuss are three key points to consider before committing to one or the other, these key points are cost, accessibility, and effect on study habits. According to amazon.com the price for the everyday writer 5th edition in paper form in used condition is 28.00 dollars and 45.00 dollars new. Where as in digital form it is 28.50 dollars to rent for a semester, and 51.67 dollars to buy and keep for as long as needed. Not only that, but one can sell
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