E Books Vs. Books

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E-books are digital versions of traditional books which are available online and are

readable on other electronic devices or computers. While, traditional books are paper books

available at libraries or book stores. E-books came into existence in 1930. The godfather of e-

book was Bob Brown, who named it as “Readies”. According to Desiree Dreeuws, “in the

1960s, computer scientists developed what were called hypertext editing and file retrieval

systems, which involved document hyperlinking and graphics. These systems are considered by

many to be the first e-books.” Since then there has been an immense growth in technology

world, which also boosted the usage of e-books in the world. However, there has been still a

huge argument on why e-books are better than the books and what makes them so different yet

very useful to humankind?

There are always questions leading to e-books because of its rapid growth in a short time.

Technologies have a bright future and they are going to have growth in most aspects. According

to Stephen king, “The future is going to be what the future is going to be.” So no matter how

difficult it gets to switch from a book to an e-book, people would have to do it to keep up with

the progressing world. Despite of this, many people from age group of 60s or above still choose

to read paper book, the traditional way. However, most of the youngsters and the elderly people

have switched to e-books from their paper books. The
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