E Business, E Commerce, And E Government

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What is the difference between e-business, e-commerce, and e-government? How are information systems transforming business and what is their relationship to globalization? Danil De Vansa International American University BUS530B Management Information Systems Kimberly Hoyt October 29, 2016 Abstract E-business, e-commerce and e-government are concepts that have become a reality in today 's world. Many people all over the world use the internet to purchase goods or services online, conduct business operations or use online government services. This paper will analyze the differences of these concepts. Introduction E-commerce is the trading or facilitation of trading in products or services by means of computer networks. Technologies such as electronic funds transfer, supply chain management, internet marketing, online transaction processing, electronic data interchange (EDI) and automated data collection systems are used for e-commerce. An example of an e-commerce company is Amazon. E-business has a broader meaning and includes e-commerce. E-business is the application of information and communication technologies in support of all the activities of business. The term "e-business" was coined by IBM 's marketing and Internet team in 19961. e-government is the use of information and communication technologies in order to improve the activities of public sector organizations. There are 3 main domains of
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