E Business Strategy : Case Study

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e-business strategy case: Apple 1. Explain what an e-business strategy is in terms of its importance in planning and controlling organisation’s e-business. 2. Strategic analysis 3. Strategic objectives Ad 1. Where are we now? -> STRATEGY -> Where do we want to be? E-business strategy – defines the future direction and actions of an organisation (or part of an organisation) supported by internal and external electronic communications. An e-business strategy is important for an organisation, because it represents the methodology by which business organization planned to fulfil its e-business objectives. E-business strategy is not just for Internet Businesses. An e-business strategy is fundamental to any organisation leading business over the internet. It defines your short-term and long-term e-business goals and involves careful and skilled planning. E-business strategy is part of business plan, and also unites with other plans including marketing and IT strategic plans. Ad 2. Strategy analysis is the process of developing strategy for a business by researching the business and the environment in which it operates. Every strategic analysis we can divide for internal and external analysis. Internal analysis involves identifying strengths and weaknesses of the business, by analysing its competencies. The organisation must use and evolve its strengths and reduce/ eliminate its weaknesses. It is really important to make a good strategic
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