E Business Technologies By O. Jones And F. Tilley Essay

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Chapter 11, of “Competitive advantage in SMEs” edited by O. Jones and F. Tilley discusses the adoption of e-business technologies by small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). This is an important issue discussed by Paul Windrum and Pascale de Derringer. It is important for SMEs to utilise and exploit information and communication technologies (ICTs) as when managed correctly, they have the potential to contribute to the business allowing the SME to gain a competitive advantage. Windrum and Derringer believe that ICTs have proven to be successful in increasing a firm’s competitiveness either by increasing the efficiency of internal operations and communication or by making it simpler to develop new or improved products and services. An example of when ICTs can be useful are in questionnaires or through online posts. Social media is a form of computer-mediated communications that allow the formation and sharing of a wide range of information via networks and virtual communities. One common feature of social media is user-generated content (UGC). UGC encompassed all opinions, posts and comments alike that are submitted by social media users. By exploiting this one form of ICT it is axiomatic that this entity would have a competitive advantage over one that did not incorporate this ICT as it is easier to facilitate the development of new products when you know what the consumer wants. Windrum and Derringers’ study agrees with the latter and they explored this topic in greater
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