E Business Vs. E Commerce

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Today, it is hard to find a software that does not have some sort of access to users’ information; going from their name to their credit card information. In fact, with the evolution of technology (most importantly the increase in access to the internet), E-business or E-commerce has been pushed to a new level. Today, customers want to be able to access services at anytime, anywhere. This has led to the development of applications that can be executed on distributed environment or in real time such as Web based applications or a Client server application. Hence, secure software development is not an option but a must that software engineers have to put in practice so that data integrity can be guaranteed to users.

The majority of these applications, not to say all of them, have no issue with meeting their functionality requirements since they certainly serve and meet the business needs behind their development; however, with the increase in demand for these applications, their development and updates are being realized at faster rate in order to stay in competition on the customer market. While most software engineering firms follow the Standardized Systems Development Life cycle principle, many do not have standard mechanisms to assess the Security issue in any of the development phases. One might say that having an authentication and an authorization mechanism make an application totally secure; however, diverse cases of security attacks on applications…

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