E-Cigarette in Middle East

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E-Cigarette in Middle East EIC Company is the electronic Intelligent Solutions Company that provides customers by reliable and robust services which they may not have experienced before. The most important objective of EIC Company is to produce high quality products that suit customers and society. For the main purpose of the e-products and e-services provided by EIC Company is for Marketing; the company needs to advertise its goods by one of the means of promotions to convince consumers in its electronic products. As I am a marketing manager in EIS Company, I think Healthy cigarette (Hc) would be an attractive name to the e-cigarettes for the market. The Name includes the contradiction has been known that cigarettes are…show more content…
Competition based pricing would be suitable approach to use for Healthy Cigarette product that will be introduced in the Middle East region. This approach based on prices of our competitors; it involves comparing the prices of all competing products and then setting the price of Hc product. The second marketing mix element is marketing communications which contains promotional mix such as advertising, sales promotion, personal selling and public relations. For our e-cigarettes product, advertising and personal selling would be the two best choices to use. Advertising is one of means of marketing that is so important in Middle East region. As an example, EIS Company would use pioneering advertising in the early stages of the e-cigarettes product because the company wants to achieve consumer awareness and interest. Other element of marketing communications mentioned is personal selling. This could help EIS Company introducing Hc product to the Middle East countries by salespersons. As an example, a salesperson who talks personally to a potential customer will give him all information needs about Hc product and will answer for any question from the customer. To explain how the societal marketing concept related to the launching of e-cigarettes, we need to make comparison between the traditional cigarette and e-cigarettes with respect the classification of new product opportunities. The regular cigarettes give high immediate
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