E-Cigarettes Vs Tobacco

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Living life is about taking risks and having fun, but some “fun” activities can be too risky. This is why there are many great alternatives to risky activities, so you can have fun and stay safe. Smoking tobacco cigarettes is a great example of a risky activity people enjoy, but there’s a better alternative, e-cigarettes. “E-cigarettes don’t contain tobacco, they convert liquid nicotine into a vapor that is inhaled by the user” (“E-Cigarettes”). Even though some people argue that e-cigarettes are negatively affecting minors, there is no evidence that they’re harmful to your health and they’re cheaper and more socially acceptable compared to tobacco cigarettes.

E-cigarettes are in many ways healthier for people than tobacco cigarettes. Researchers
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“E-cigarettes have become increasingly popular, particularly among young people” (“E-Cigarettes”). These people argue that the growing popularity of e-cigarettes among teens can increase misuse and accidents with e-cigarettes, putting more young people in danger. However, e-cigarettes are actually keeping young people away from much more dangerous alternatives. “Statistics suggest teens are now more likely to use e-cigarettes than tobacco cigarettes” (“E-Cigarettes”). Tobacco cigarettes are much more harmful to people then e-cigarettes are, and e-cigarettes are driving young people away from tobacco cigarettes. Furthermore, “It is unknown how harmful e-cigarettes are to your health” (“E-Cigarettes”). Although e-cigarettes health effects are unknown, it’s highly likely they are much better for people compared to tobacco cigarettes, especially because they don’t have the cancer causing smoke that tobacco cigarettes have. Without the cancer causing smoke, young people have no risk of getting cancer from using an e-cigarette. Additionally, smoking e-cigarettes costs a lot less than smoking tobacco cigarettes. “The cost of e-cigarettes a month is about half the cost of tobacco cigarettes a month” (“eversmoke”). Although this fact has already been addressed, it’s too important to young people. Young people don’t make a lot of money, so the reduced cost of using e-cigarettes compared to the raised cost of using…show more content…
E-cigarettes are safer, cheaper, and more socially acceptable than tobacco cigarettes. While people could always choose to smoke tobacco cigarettes, which is more expensive, more harmful to their bodies, and socially unacceptable, they could also choose to use e-cigarettes, a much better alternative to tobacco cigarettes. I encourage people to do the right thing for themselves and choose
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