E Commerce : A Market Scale

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E-commerce is generally viewed as exchange of goods or services through electronic networks or the internet. An estimated number of 2.4 billion users globally exchanges data on this platform with those known to be actively involved being teenagers and people at middle age who are pressed for time to create time for other activities and it is not only tedious but time consuming to go out shopping in physical stores. In a market scale this could be an astounding figure providing enormous market space.
E-business can be used interchangeably with the term E-commerce with occasional use of the term e-tail to refer to online retailing activities. In a retail interest shopping carts are normally established upon which customer shopping habits and preferences can be monitored although some entrepreneurs using the e-commerce platform to offer advertisements that are unsolicited for. Among the upper hand enjoyed by e-commerce users could be the availability of the service across the clock as well as the variety provided here without the barrier of distance or time. Nevertheless, it is limited by customer’s inability to actually have physical contact with the goods or services (Hacon, 2013).
As much offer to buy the clothing store will sound lucrative, Jersey Shore boardwalk provides a great location to display clothes especially beach wears and associated line of clothing coupled with a true entrepreneurial mindset through involvement of e-commerce, there is higher prospects in terms…
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