E Commerce : A New Model

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Society is becoming ever more digitized. Books are becoming exclusively digital, digital music sales are rising, video game companies are experimenting with downloadable games, and electronic currency such as Bitcoin are growing in popularity. In this increasingly electronic world, digital will eventually become more abundant, and just as society progresses, so must businesses adapt a new model: e-commerce. E-commerce has been around since the advent of the Internet, and many consumers acknowledge the convenience e-commerce provides. E-commerce is a great model for not only current Internet shopping, but also the future economy where most items will be purchased online. However, complications such as phishing, hacking, and piracy are a growing problem to e-commerce. While solutions have been implemented to supposedly fix the issues, new problems are introduced to consumers which further damage e-commerce. In order for e-commerce in e-books, music, and video games to operate successfully in today 's and the future economy, consumers and content creators/publishers must sustain a mutual relationship and devise milder solutions that will produce the largest benefit for both parties. Indisputably, e-commerce plays an important role in today 's economy. Since the Internet was introduced, the world has become more interconnected and shopping has become easier. For businesses, it has become important to maintain an online presence. "This is particularly true if businesses wish to
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