E Commerce : A Small On Line Business

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How much did U.S. consumers spend on-line in 2014? According to the website Internet Retailers, consumers spent almost $300 billion in 2014. That was an increase in 15.4% over 2013 sales. 2013 sales totaled close to $265 billion (internetretailer.com). Today technology is business. E-commerce is big business. In the discussion I will state how e-commerce impacts consumers in many areas. First, I will define e-commerce. Then, I will discuss the advantages and disadvantage of e-commerce. Next, I will discuss hosting an e-commerce site for a small on-line business. This paper will focus on capabilities and costs for creating an e-commerce site. In addition to the capabilities and the costs the hosting sites, I will examine their tools and offerings. Lastly, this paper will indicate which choice was made and an explanation of that choice.
Our lives today are touched in every way by electronic commerce. Everything from watching movies on Netflix, listening to music on Apple Music or Spotify, or purchasing anything from A to Z on Amazon.com. E-commerce is mentioned daily on the internet. How is E-commerce defined? According to Laudon and Laudon, it is defined as a business transaction on the Web and Internet. The business transaction involves the company and the customer in the form of a digital transaction. This digital transaction occurs through the World Wide Web and the Internet. The transaction involves the customer paying for
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