E Commerce : A Storage Environment

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We use database in our everyday life and some of the common uses of databases are given below:

• Personal Cloud Storage: When in our any type of storage device like a phone or a tablet we are saving documents like a photo or an audio file we are saving it in a cloud. Now the cloud here is a storage environment presented to us by syncing data through a powerful database, we not only store data but can call the data anytime and retrieve it.
• Social Media: User information is required by every social media platform which is stored by databases to provide the end user with recommendation of friends, topics, businesses and products of preference.
• E-commerce: Database is used by any type of online organization to orient and organize their
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Databases of extreme power are needed to track information regarding day to day basis transactions and even to predict future of the finance world using financial models.
• Weather: Prediction of weather is a complex process and depends on numerous factors. These factors are gathered by databases and stored to be analyzed and the resultant report is sent to a weather channel or an in your smartphone. Data taken in by a weather company per day can be of size 20 terabytes. For supporting such data the company uses databases like MySQL, Cassandra and many more.
• Government Organizations: For various purposes such as research, legislation, defense and many more, information is collected frequently by government organizations .Very powerful and advanced database systems are used to collect, store and analyze such information.
• Online Television Streaming: Netflix is an example of online television streaming service which uses database to generate a list of TV shows and movies to its user, keep track of preference and also to provide a list of shows for recommendation. Highly advanced database management system is required for analyzing such huge amount of data, for example Cassandra.
Importance of Non-relational databases

• In comparison to relational databases, NoSQL databases are better at providing superb performance while handling data of large scale and variable structures
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